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Expand beyond the printed publication and utilize custom Art Box designs, Rack Cards, Magnets, table tents, coasters, flyers, and assorted swag. Let our Street Teams bring your product, event or business to another level by extending your brand beyond the pages and onto the streets into the hands of your targeted consumer! The VMG Street Teams deliver!



In a crowded media universe, Voice Media is the smart turnkey alternative.


More and more seemingly every day, Mobile Advertising is the best way to attract the emerging generation, and the optimum channel through which to communicate your brand’s message. Continuing a sharp trend that certainly sees no impending drop, there will be more smartphones sold in 2013 than feature phones (“dumbphones”). With its highly efficient targeting rate, VMG Adverting’s Mobile options are both effective and affordable.

Shockingly, internet usage is projected to double within the next few years, with a striking majority of this increase attributed to mobile users. Those brands unprepared for this advertising revolution will be left scrambling to find solutions. Soon, advertisers will either be left out in the cold or sitting warmly in the palms of consumers’ hands. Where would you like to be?

Boasting more than 61 million total combined Mobile and App Pageviews, VMG Advertising can comfortably say this is where your brand needs to be in order to have a captive audience with your coveted demographic.