A wholly unique and integrated approach to communicating with your audience does not have to begin and end with traditional advertising. In fact, one of the most intimate ways to share your brand is through event marketing. From widely recognized local music scenes such as the Memphis Music Festival and Bumbershoot in Seattle to increasingly popular beer fests like Miami’s Brew at the Zoo or the Summer Beerfest in Atlanta, Event Sponsorship is an excellent way of connecting your brand with your audience.

Film festivals, fashion shows, and art galleries are just a few of the hundreds of events available across all major markets. Table tents, signage, radio and TV spots, swag bags, tastings, and cross-promotional collateral are all ways VMG Advertising can make your presence truly felt with that fiercely desired target market.

Not every event is perfect for your brand – that’s why VMG Advertising offers Event Sponsorship for events both large and small. From intimate gallery events highly popular on a local level to full-blown local music showcases that receive national recognition, we have an event to fit your marketing needs.

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